Veteran Born in Born 2006

Students before - engineers, academics and
ministers today in favor of a healty environment





As the space in the house is limited to about 35 persons, we need inscriptions. First served! Inscpription is bindend. Inscription can be done under the addresses below until 31 of October 2006!

List of participants definitively inscribed


For question and inspription please contact the organisators:

David Knapp, Austria

Telefon Austria:
+43 699 81 31 63 51


Michael Steiner, Switzerland

Telefon Switzerland:
+41 79 592 82 32


When do you arrive?

Please inform when do you plan to arrive and to depart and if you have a Halbtax or GA train ticket (only for Swiss) in order that we can plan excursions and food quantities.


November 2006 - Contact