Veteran Born in Born 2006

Students before - engineers, academics and
ministers today in favor of a healty environment



The fixed programme:


What Remarks

Friday afternoon

Peat museum

13h30, little peat museum (German: Torf) in Gonten and visit of the village

Fondue fun No comment, in the hut
Saturday afternoon

Sightseeing of
pittoresque Appenzell

Combined with a visit of Swiss
Alpenbitter Schnapps factory (11h0

Saturday evening Diner at Hundwilerhöhe Walk uphill (15h) and information about energy saving construction and decentralised wastewater treatment... and walk with flashlight downhill
Sunday Skiing, viewing or lugeing at Kronberg

All possibilities are open: "A chacun son goût"

Evening activities in addition might consist of interesting presentations about travel or work, please contact us if you would propose an interesting idea, we would appreciate.


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