Small bore sewer sanitation system
in Mali and Senegal

This page contains some information and pictures about the innovative small bore sewer system in Bamako (Mali) and Dakar (Senegal) in order to improve the sanitation situation in several disadvantages corners of the city.

The two sanitation system in Mali and Senegal were evaluated on the technical, institutional, socio-cultural and financial level during the MSc thesis at the Swiss Federal Institut of Technology (EPFL).

MSc thesis for download (pdf in French only)

Article from Umwelttechnik Schweiz (German only)

Top: Waste water (grey water) flowing in a street in Bamako. High risk for the health. Taken before implementing a SBS system.

Right: Connection of a latrine to the simplified SBS system in Bamako with the tube in the back of the latrine floor. (Only the waste water from the shower is collected, the faeces are still collected by the traditional latrine.


Michael Steiner, MSc Environmental Engineer EPFL (Switzerland)
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