About Point d'eau

The aim of the website Point d'eau (Waterpoint...) is the dissimination of information relevant to everything about water. At the moment, the pages contain documentation about professional and private experiences done by the autor in the field of water and sanitation in developing countries. This reflects both the autor's professional background and passion.

Additionnaly, I would like to organize a trip through Tajikistan by mountain bike, since tourisme might be the only income generation for this beautiful country in Central Asia. You'll find the information on this site.


You are warmly invited to use the content of the website. Please refer to the site when used for scientifical reasons.



Michael Steiner, MSc Environmental Engineer EPFL (Switzerland) CV
Current employeur: Ryser Ingenieure AG, Bern, Switzerland
Mail to: info@point-d-eau.ch




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